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We offer individualized plans you can do with your child at home in just minutes a day to start them reading early or help with a language delay.

Play-based learning tools to help your child read well in just 5 minutes each day!

90% of a child's brain development happens before they're 5. Being intentional now in the early years using our fun and interactive structured tools will help your child learn the basics of reading and writing at the right time!

What parents are saying

"My 4 year old is sounding letters out like crazy when a year ago he was still in speech therapy for a major speech delay. Thank you Rebecca and Robyn, you have a forever customer."

Christina K.

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Who is behind The Active Reader?

Meet The Founders

As teachers, moms and literacy specialists, Rebecca and Robyn are here to help you feel confident that you’re giving your child the best start on their path to reading.

We created this one-of-kind resource to nurture a love of learning in our own children, and we want to share these secrets with you.

Robyn and Rebecca, have been well-established in the fields of education and literacy for over a decade. Rebecca is a teacher and has taught many subjects from JK to Grade 12. Robyn is a literacy specialist and early on in her career, identified a major gap in the area of foundational literacy education. As a result, Robyn has built a successful business working with children who struggle with reading and writing.

When Rebecca's first child turned one, she began researching products that would help to encourage and grow her daughter's love of reading and learning while also targeting foundational skill development. After many fruitless searches, Rebecca saw an opportunity and approached Robyn with the idea to create a tool that would give parents and educators access to proven and effective literacy techniques.

Robyn and Rebecca want to empower parents and give them the confidence to take on the role as their child’s first teacher. The Active Reader is a play-based product that helps parents engage with their children while using multi-sensory activities to get a head start on early reading, pre-school readiness, and future classroom success. Experience, engage, and play and bring reading to life within your home.

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Give your child a head start

When children are confident in their skills and abilities, they are more likely to create positive connections with their teachers, peers, and learning environment. Learn how to create a learning rich environment in your home and use scientifically and proven techniques to build your child's literacy skills.

Did you know?

If a child memorizes 10 words, the child can read only 10 words, but if the child learns the sounds of 10 letters, the child will be able to read 350 three sound words, 4,320 four sound words, and 21,650 five sound words.

Here's what customers are saying

"The Active Reader has opened my mind to how to help my kids learn their letters and how to spell. I also did a coaching session with Rebecca which was extremely helpful in aiding me to better understand letter sounds so I can help my kids! I cannot recommend this product enough!"

Allie K.

"I am a high school English teacher and often students come to me with gaps in their reading and writing skills. These challenges are often overlooked as they are passed from one grade to the next, so when they reach me, these gaps are very obvious. The Active Reader program targets those basic literacy skills and helps children to build a strong foundation that will serve them well throughout their entire academic career."

Ana M.

"Having just had my second baby, my attention is now divided and I was eager to find some effective and engaging activities for my toddler. The Active Reader cards are a great way to start laying the building blocks for my child to learn to read and I’ve been very happy with the results!"

Kelsey R.

"I’m a teacher and graduated with a degree in ECE. I use The Active Reader with my younger students, and it’s amazing to see how much it helps with basic literacy and phonics. The kids love the activities and tracing the letters. I definitely would recommend The Active Reader!"

Martha J.

"I have a three and half year old and an 8 month old, to say I have my hands full, is an understatement. I love how The Active Reader sets me up with so many ways to engage my toddler. We choose a card each day, and I have at least 2 hours of educational fun right there. It also helps me keep him off a screen, which is such a huge selling point for me."

Caitlin M.

"I have five Grandkids and I like having activities planned for them to do when they come to visit. As a former teacher, I love that The Active Reader is fun AND educational!"

Pinky M.

"My daughter is normally in daycare but is now home full time while my husband and I work remotely. We found it difficult to juggle work and homeschooling but since we began using The Active Reader, we feel like we have more direction in our day. The cards allow us to work on her reading skills while giving us simple ideas for crafts and activities that we can do together or she can do independently. We love it!" 

Jill B.

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