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The Early Reader Pack is for children working on their basic reading skills. This can range from a 1 year old, beginning their journey with letters to a 6 year old looking to strengthen their phonemic awareness. We have included simple crafts and developmental cues for the younger years as well as more complex tasks and activities for older learners. 

Orton-Gillingham is a structured literacy approach that uses multi-sensory learning, direct instruction, student-centred teaching and basic to complex scope and sequence. Check out our blog post HERE for a more in-depth explanation of Orton-Gillingham.

The Early Reader Pack will set your child up for lifelong success by helping them develop fundamental skills for future independent learning. Some of these skills include: building their phonemic awareness, promoting healthy social engagement, strengthening gross and fine motor skills and creating routine and consistency. 

Choose a card from the deck. Say the letter name (k), say the keyword (kite), say the sound the letter makes (/k/). Have your child trace the letter on the front of the card while repeating this sequence. Flip the card over and choose one or more of the multi-sensory activities to complete with your child. Finally, read our suggested children's book or sing the recommended nursery rhyme together. 

We focus on lowercase letters because the majority of words are written in lowercase. We do include the capital letters in the corner on the front of the card so they are also able to see this.

Multi-sensory learning is learning through your five senses: sight, touch, hearing, movement and taste. When children learn through their five senses, and actively experience the learning objective, they are able to gain a deeper association with the subject. They are also processing language through all of multiple senses, simultaneously; therefore, if there is a weakness in one particular area, they are using all of their senses to compensate for this weakness.

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