The Early Reader Pack

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Proven and effective reading strategies at your finger tips!

The Early Reader Pack is the easiest and most effective tool to build reading skills in children age 1 - 6.

Based in structured literacy, the cards will teach you how to use phonics, multi-sensory learning and play to help children learn how to read and develop a love of learning.

With just 5-10 minute sessions, you will establish a strong literacy foundation and set your child up for educational success.

Strategies not used in the classroom!

The Early Reader Pack provides you with access to structured reading strategies that are not used in the classroom. 

The proficiency level in basic reading among our children is falling, it has been proven that 100% of children would benefit from a structured literacy approach to learning.

The Early Reader Pack is here to empower parents and educators to help provide our children with the best start on their path to reading. 

What is in the Early Reader pack?

With over 200 learning activities for you to enjoy together, this one of a kind resource brings you the following:

  • 30 alphabet cards including digraphs
  • Phonics based instruction strategies
  • Simple craft instructions
  • Active skills development
  • Suggested reading resources
  • Delicious and easy recipes 

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