The Early Reader Pack

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Build a confident reader with our Early Reader Pack!

The Early Reader pack is the easiest and most effective tool to help children learn to read. 

Designed for children ages 1-6, The Early Reader Pack will allow you teach your child reading and writing basics through play by breaking down phonics and multi-sensory learning in a simple, effective and age appropriate manner. 

We make it easy for you to bring reading and writing into your household in a fun way. Our science based techniques allow you to help your child learn better and set them up for success. Not only will these methods help you develop your child’s literacy skills but they will help your child grow confidence and a love of learning.  

Learning in the home environment is more important than ever. The Early Reader Pack provides you with access to structured reading strategies that are not yet used in the classroom. Our cards empower parents to help you provide your children with the best start on their path to reading. 

With just 5-10 minute sessions at a time, you will establish a strong literacy foundation and set your child up for educational and life success. 

What is in your Early Reader Pack?

  • 30 alphabet cards including ch, th, sh and wh
  • Phonics based instruction strategies
  • Simple craft and activity instructions
  • Suggested reading resources
  • Delicious and easy recipes 

The Early Reader Packs are usually shipped right to your home within 2-3 business days.

Join more than 1,000 families across North America who are already using The Early Reader Pack to support their child's reading skills. 

Want to take your learning further? The Active Reader offers 1:1 sessions for parents to help you get the most out of your Early Reader Pack.