Emotion Cards: Stage 1 - Labelling and Expressing Emotions

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Tools to teach children how to label and express their emotions

Our Stage 1 Emotion cards help caregivers teach children about their emotions. Using images and words, our cards allow children to work through the process of labelling and discussing their emotions with a trusted adult. 

*This is a PDF digital download. After purchase, you will receive a link by email that you can then download, save and print.* 

Benefits of our Stage 1 Emotion Cards

What are the benefits of labelling and discussing emotions?

  • Children are provided with a safe environment to discuss their feelings.
  • This allows them to become familiar with the wide range of emotions.
  • They become better prepared to recognize emotions in themselves and others.
  • This process supports the development of social-emotional skills.
  • It allows the opportunity to discuss situations that give rise to certain emotions.
  • Discussions can be had around emotional regulation and coping strategies, providing tools for a variety of situations.  

This emotional coaching can help children learn how to cope with all types of emotions which may help strengthen their abilities to deal with emotional challenges as they grow. 

How to use the cards?

  • Purchase your PDF.
  • Download and print out the PDF
  • Cut out the emotion cards: There are lines on the page indicating where you should cut and where you should fold. Cut out each card lengthwise and fold them in the middle, making them double sided. Tape the two sides together.
  • Lay the cards out in front of your child, face side up, and ask them how they are feeling and practice mimicking the facial expressions together. 
  • Flip the card over and discuss the describing words that can be used to represent that emotion. 
  • Encourage discussion.
  • This can be done as a daily check in or used in a moment of calm after a crisis as a means of reflection.

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