30 Minute Virtual Coaching Session

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30 Minute Virtual Coaching Session 

Unlocking a child's confidence begins with developing a strong reader.

Through our 30 minute coaching session, we empower you by giving you the tools needed to help your children become a strong and confident reader. 

It takes only 5 minutes a day with our expert and kid approved literacy cards and coaching to become a confident parent that takes on an active role in your child's success. How do we help you get there? Read below to find out!

In this 30 minute coaching session you will receive:

  • One-to-one access to one of our founders and literacy specialist who can coach you through the learn-to-read process.
  • Tools to bring structured literacy into your home.
  • Instruction around how to use our Early Reader Pack. 
  • Knowledge of multi-sensory and play-based learning.
  • A customized learning plan that will fit into your busy schedule.
  • A free PDF booklet complete with a tracking sheet and colouring pages to further your child’s learning.
  • The confidence to know your child is on a path to success.

We guarantee that our methods will empower you as a parent to help your child develop a love of reading and learning.

When you purchase your coaching session, you will be sent an email with a Calendly link to book your time to meet with one of our founders. Everything you will need to know to prepare for your session will also be in this email. 

If you don't already have an Early Reader Pack you can purchase it here - BUY NOW

Book your coaching session today and let's get started building a brighter future for kids!

Sincerely, Rebecca and Robyn