Our Story

The Active Reader came to be over a sushi dinner between two former university roommates in December of 2019.


Rebecca and Robyn, founders of The Active Reader, have been well-established in the fields of education and literacy for over a decade. Rebecca is a teacher, mom of two and has taught many subjects from JK to Grade 12. Robyn is a mom and literacy specialist. Early in her career, Robyn identified a major gap in the area of foundational literacy education. As a result, she has built a successful business working with children who struggle with reading and writing.

When Rebecca's first child turned one, she began researching products that would help to encourage and grow her daughter's love of reading and learning while also targeting foundational skill development. After many fruitless searches, Rebecca saw an opportunity and approached Robyn with the idea to create a tool that would give parents and educators access to proven and effective literacy techniques.

Robyn and Rebecca want to empower parents and give them the confidence to take on the role as their child’s first teacher. The Active Reader is a play-based product that helps parents engage with their children while using multi-sensory activities to get a head start on early reading, pre-school readiness, and future classroom success. Experience, engage, and play and bring reading to life within your home.