Our Story

Our Story


Rebecca McAllister and Robyn Keystone

Rebecca and Robyn, founders of The Active Reader, have been well-established in the fields of education and literacy for over a decade. Rebecca is a teacher, literacy specialist and mom of two. Robyn is a mom, literacy specialist and owner of a Toronto private school and tutoring company dedicated to supporting children with low-literacy levels and learning disabilities. 

Rebecca and Robyn have a shared school experience. They both struggled throughout elementary school and high school. From the knowledge they have now, they are both aware that they did not have the literacy foundation needed to have a positive experience in school. 

After Rebecca's daughter turned one, she began researching products that would help develop this foundation in her daughter. After many fruitless searches, Rebecca saw an opportunity and approached Robyn with the idea to create a tool that would give parents and educators access to proven and effective literacy techniques. That is how The Active Reader, and their flagship product, The Early Reader Pack, came to be. 

Robyn and Rebecca want to break down barriers to literacy education by empowering caregivers and teachers and providing them with effective tools and strategies that reinforce a structured literacy program. They hope to help build a strong literacy foundation and positive association with learning in our children. 

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