The Active Reader is the perfect addition to any primary classroom!

Our flagship product comes with 30 alphabet cards and 200+ multi-sensory learning activities designed to teach children how to read.

Incorporate the proven and effective strategies of Orton-Gillingham and structured literacy instruction into your classroom and watch as your students learn to love reading. 

Here's what teachers are saying about The Active Reader!

Ana Mandaric - Customer

"I am a high school teacher and often students come to me with gaps in their reading and writing skills. These challenges are often overlooked as they are passed from one grade to the next, so when they reach me, these gaps are very obvious. The Active Reader targets those basic literacy skills and helps children to build a strong foundation that will serve them well throughout their entire academic career."

Martha Jodhan - Customer

"I’m a teacher and graduated with a degree in ECE. I use The Active Reader with my younger students, and it’s amazing to see how much it helps with basic literacy and phonics. The kids love the activities and tracing the letters. I definitely would recommend The Active Reader for ECE!"

Karen Burke - Customer

"I have been working as a literacy specialist for the last 3 years. I like The Active Reader because it includes many of the same structured literacy techniques I use with my students. Some children need alternative strategies when it comes to learning to read. I never run out of activities with The Active Reader, and I highly recommend this to teachers looking for a teaching tool that works."


Benefits of The Active Reader include:

  • Increases confidence 
  • Strengthens gross and fine motor skills
  • Develops phonemic awareness
  • Focuses on vocabulary and language development
  • Creates healthy social connection

Built by literacy experts, teachers, and parents

Robyn and Rebecca, founders of The Active Reader, have been well-established in the fields of education and literacy for over a decade. Rebecca is a teacher and has taught many subjects from JK to Grade 12. Robyn is a literacy specialist and early on in her career, identified a major gap in the area of foundational literacy education. As a result, Robyn has built a successful business working with children who struggle with reading and writing.

When Rebecca's first child turned one, she began researching products that would help to encourage and grow her daughter's love of reading and learning while also targeting foundational skill development. After many fruitless searches, Rebecca saw an opportunity and approached Robyn with the idea to create a tool that would give parents and educators access to proven and effective literacy techniques.

Robyn and Rebecca want to empower teachers with the tools to teach students foundational literacy skills. The Active Reader is a play-based product that helps educators engage with their students while using multi-sensory activities to get a head start on early reading, pre-school readiness, and future classroom success. Experience, engage, and play and bring reading to life within your classroom.

Make reading come alive in your classroom!

Over 200 Learning Opportunities

What makes The Active Reader so effective?



Experiential Learning

The Early Reader Pack
The Early Reader Pack
The Early Reader Pack
The Early Reader Pack
The Early Reader Pack
The Early Reader Pack
The Early Reader Pack
The Early Reader Pack

The Early Reader Pack


Proven and effective reading strategies at your finger tips!

Our Early Reader Pack gives parents and educators access to proven and effective reading strategies to help build a strong literacy foundation in our children. Based in the Orton-Gillingham approach, our cards will teach you how to use phonics, multi-sensory learning and play to help our early readers develop a love of reading and learning.

Strategies not used in the classroom!

The Early Reader Pack provides you with access to structured reading strategies that are not used in the classroom. The proficiency level in basic reading among our children is falling, and while for 65% of children a structured literacy approach is imperative in order to learn how to read effectively, it has been proven that 100% of children would benefit from this type of learning. The Early Reader Pack is here to empower parents and educators to help you provide our children with the best start on their path to reading. 

What is in the Early Reader pack?

With over 200 learning activities for you to enjoy together, this one of a kind resource brings you the following:

  • 30 alphabet cards including digraphs
  • Phonics based instruction strategies
  • Simple craft instructions
  • Active skills development
  • Suggested reading resources
  • Delicious and easy recipes 

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Thank you for your order! We hope you enjoy hours of fun together. 

Sincerely, Rebecca and Robyn

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