Our Story

There is a major gap in early literacy education both in school systems and within the home. We created this educational tool to help parents get a head start on early reading, pre-school readiness, and future classroom success for their children.

 We want to empower parents and give them the confidence to take on the role as their child’s first teacher. The Active Reader is a set of 30 educational cards offering over 200 simple and interactive activities that foster creativity and essential skill development. Our alphabet cards help parents to use proven, multi-sensory techniques that focus on basic letter/sound associations and vocabulary building.

Experience, engage, and play with your child while bringing reading to life within your home.

Rebecca McAllister, BA, Master of Teaching

“I began my career developing curriculum for a number of Toronto charities before venturing into teaching full-time. I have taught for 11 years now, from kindergarten to Grade 12. As a mother of two (Audrey, 2; and Griffith, 7 months) I was looking for activities that would help the three of us fill our days with meaningful and engaging parent-child activities. I scoured the Internet for parental resources and found little to no experiential ideas based on solid literacy principles. After reaching out to my community of moms, I quickly realized that parents were looking for the same sorts of activities I was.”

Robyn Keystone, BA, MA, TESOL

"When I was growing up, I struggled with reading. I was often embarrassed, unfocused and disengaged because reading was difficult. Now I’m an educator and literacy specialist, and I’ve taught many young learners how to read. I use multi-sensory and interactive teaching strategies that are so much fun – my students engage in their learning and leave more confident and more excited about reading.”