How to introduce flash cards to kids

How to introduce flash cards to kids

How to introduce flash cards to kids

Children can be resistant to flash cards or learning tools. You cannot put resources down in front of a child and expect them to love it immediately. They may also go through stages where their interests change and they reject something they once loved. This is all normal and expected.

We have learned that it's all about the way you expose a child to learning tools. Read on to learn our top tips!

How to introduce alphabet cards to your kids

Our best tips for introducing alphabet flash cards to your child:

- Don't force it

- Incorporate cards into everyday play

- Introduce 1 card at a time

- Show enthusiasm (but also play it cool)

- Know your time limits - don't overdo it

- Try not to show frustration

- Scaffold easiest to hardest - allow them to experience success before moving on to more difficult letters

- Create games around the cards

- Be present and engaged - model this behaviour

- Begin with single sounds before moving into word building

It's also a slow game, so don't give up and keep trying!

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