How To Create Ice Ornaments!

How To Create Ice Ornaments!

Get crafty this winter using seasonal nature items!

This is a simple children's craft that can entice your child outside AND keep them moving and engaged. 


  • Plastic takeout container or Tupperware
  • String
  • Water
  • Items from nature (e.g. pine needles, flowers, leaves, etc.) 


1. Venture outside and ask your child to collect items from nature that they are drawn to.

2. Arrange nature items in the takeout container in a decorative manner.

3. Cut a piece of string, fold it in half and place the ends in the container. You should have a large loop sticking out for hanging purposes.

4. Pour water into the container so it just covers the materials without spilling over the edge. You may need to rearrange the materials and string at this time incase anything moved. 

5. Place the container in the freezer or outside in the cold so it can freeze.

6. When the ornament is frozen, remove it from the container and hang it outside. 

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