How do I teach my child to play soccer?

How do I teach my child to play soccer?

When we decide to teach a young child how to play a sport, we often jump right to the gross motor skills that are associated with that sport. For example, kicking a ball in soccer, swinging a bat in baseball, or shooting a basket in basketball. However, behind each of these gross motor skills and within each of these sports, there are a multitude of movements that can and should be developed in order for a young child to participate to the best of their ability.

In the traditional form of Physical Education, children were taught, sport specific skills. They would participate in a two week basketball unit or a month long soccer unit. However, in recent years, a new form of sport education has emerged called Teaching Games for Understanding (TGFU). In this model, children are taught the mechanics behind a movement, such as aiming at a target, and then instructed on how to do that in a variety of different sports. When a young child first engages in sport, it is important to help them develop a range of skills that will allow them to move and participate in a variety of different scenarios. This will enable them to experience success and build a positive association with physical activity.  

We created a soccer program for children ages 2-7 with the purpose of developing the whole athlete within the context of soccer. This program is also intended to provide parents with access to a structured sport program that can be easily executed and used in their own backyard or living room. With the cancelation of children's programs across North America, our youth have been missing out on important physical development milestones, making a program like this even more important.  

The Active Reader Soccer Program has been broken down into 5 levels, with each level building upon the last. Children will develop their abilities in the following areas: power, speed and agility, coordination and flexibility and ball work. Here you will find a parent guide including wall charts, skill breakdowns and game and challenge recommendations for each skill. Based on your child’s age, ability and experience, each skill can be done with more or less intensity or requiring more or fewer reps. Everything can be adjusted to your child’s needs. Have fun and let your child lead the experience. 

The following equipment is recommended to participate:


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