Building A Quiet Time Bin

Building A Quiet Time Bin

We entered a transition in our house after I took my daughter's soother away. Suddenly we were nap dropping, needing extra mom time and experiencing some BIG feelings. Nap time is when I focus on my small business so I needed a solution. 

I decided to implement a "quiet time" in place of a nap and create a quiet time bin to foster independent play. So we ventured to the dollar store to put our bin together. Follow along to see what we chose!

Items we collected for our bin:

  • Colour sorting games
  • Construction activities
  • Mess free art activities
  • Imagination and play activities

Our routine now goes as follows:

  • Time in bed (we use a toddler clock to help with this)
  • Quiet time bin play
  • snack and 1 TV episode

Audrey loves this routine, thankfully goes into quiet time willingly and has actually started napping occasionally again.

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