10 Summer Activities (to help you survive until the end!)

10 Summer Activities (to help you survive until the end!)

10 Summer Activities (to help you survive until the end!)

Summer as a parent is HARD.

There I said it! 

The lack of structure and programming, the high cost of excursions, the family commitments, juggling work and parenting, late sunsets leading to late bedtimes, and heat, can really start to wear on you by the end. With just a few weeks left we have rounded up a list of 10 low stress activities to help get you through the last few days!

1. Letter formation

Gather loose parts and have your child place them along the lines of letters making a great prewriting activity. Use flash cards to help with letter formation. 

letter formation with loose parts

2. Outdoor bath

Grab a large blue bin, fill it with warm water and bubbles and toys and move bath time outside. You'll be surprised how long they will be content. 

Outdoor bath

3. Car wash 

Set your child up with a bucket of soapy water, a large sponge and the garden hose and have them wash your car. 

 car wash for kids

4. Water table water beads

Mix up your water table play by adding water beads, bowls and scoops. Throw them out in the garden afterwards.

Water table water beads

5. Garage magnets

Most garages are magnetic so gather all of the magnets you have and bring them outside for outdoor play. 

Garage magnets

6. Outdoor kitchen play

Stock up on kitchen gadgets from the dollar store and set up a kitchen outside. Incorporate real or play food for added fun. 

Outdoor kids kitchen

7. Sidewalk Chalk Letters

Practice your letters by writing them out on the driveway and playing various letter games - have them jump from letter to letter while you sing the alphabet, play a letter scavenger hunt, have them identify letters by their sounds, etc. This game incorporates learning with movement and will keep them entertained for a long time.  

Sidewalk chalk letters

8. Build a fairy garden

Purchase fairy garden toys from the dollar store or Amazon and build a fairy scene in your garden. Move the items around occasionally to allow your child to experience some fairy magic. 

Fairy garden for kids

9. Sidewalk chalk and spray bottle

Play with sidewalk chalk and give your child a spray bottle filled with water. Ask them to spray the driveway clean and watch the different games they create. 

Sidewalk chalk and spray bottle

10. Outdoor meals

Move your meals outdoors, whether it be bedtime snack or lunch, mixing up where you eat your food can add a whole new level of excitement to mealtime. 

Outdoor meals with kids

We hope these low stress activities help you enjoy the last few weeks of summer!

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